Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Polka Dot Bikini

Polka Dot bikini for kids
Polkadot bikini set for baby girls

Polkadot Ines Bikini -47.50 €, Louise Misha

I'm drooling over this bikini from My Little Square. Available only in 2T sizes now. Beach Candy!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Kids high quality clothing by DJM Studio

Handmade kids clothing: DJM Studio

DJM Studio
DJM Studio - Jurgo pants - 75 Euros
Here is another cool clothing/shoes store from across the pond. DJM studio sells the funky clothing and handmade shoes for kids. If you could get over the sticker shock ( those pants cost euro 75 a piece!). The clothing is funky, looks well-made with materials like linen and super comfortable. 
kids clothing by DJM studio
kids clothing by DJM studio 
I found them via Kickcan & Conkers

Friday, June 7, 2013

Store Alert: Indikidual!

BUSIG-Euro 34, Indikidual
Look what I stumbled upon today!
Here is a new kids clothing store - Indikidual!

Lost Marbles Tee - Euro 19, Indikidual
The clothes here are part European ( Hello grey! - maybe one day I will finally find out why kids clothing is primarily grey in Europe) and part contemporary ( those peeps of bright yellow, aqua and mint).

Gizmo, Mr Moo 2 - Euro 23, Indikidual  
The designs are funky and have a bias towards boys - for a change.

While you are there don't forget to check their tumblr page for some amazing photo-shoots.

A lot of their clothing is 100% organic cotton, which suggests good quality. I'm just happy to see one cool clothing store paying attention to boys.

Have you bought anything from Indikidual? How was your experience, let us know in comments.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Kids Fashion Trend Alert: Falling Confetti

Children's Fashion Trend: Confetti
This is a really pretty trend that is becoming popular in both adult and kids clothing. Dots or some other small print in a falling pattern concentrating around hemlines. I think its better to show you what I mean:

moi tank from orange mayonnise
Moi tank- Euro 22, Orange Mayonnise

Stripes And Sequins Tee, Crew Cuts
Stripes and Sequins Tee - $49.50 Crew Cuts

Bubble Tee - $39.50, Guess Kids
Bubble Tee - $39.50, GuessKids

Roxette Sequined Illusion Dress by Lord And Taylor - $48

Pinky Floral Chiffon Dress by J. C. Penny - Sale $18.75

Its also making its way into handmade and sewing world. Here is a pretty interpretation by Me Sew Crazy:

polka dot dress sewing tutorial
Polka Dot Dress Sewing Tutorial by  Me Sew Crazy