Monday, April 1, 2013

Kids Fashion Trend Alert: Falling Confetti

Children's Fashion Trend: Confetti
This is a really pretty trend that is becoming popular in both adult and kids clothing. Dots or some other small print in a falling pattern concentrating around hemlines. I think its better to show you what I mean:

moi tank from orange mayonnise
Moi tank- Euro 22, Orange Mayonnise

Stripes And Sequins Tee, Crew Cuts
Stripes and Sequins Tee - $49.50 Crew Cuts

Bubble Tee - $39.50, Guess Kids
Bubble Tee - $39.50, GuessKids

Roxette Sequined Illusion Dress by Lord And Taylor - $48

Pinky Floral Chiffon Dress by J. C. Penny - Sale $18.75

Its also making its way into handmade and sewing world. Here is a pretty interpretation by Me Sew Crazy:

polka dot dress sewing tutorial
Polka Dot Dress Sewing Tutorial by  Me Sew Crazy