Saturday, November 29, 2014

Girls Swimsuits by Jantzen : Zulily - Catch of the day

Jantzen swimwear on sale

Aqua Flamingo Halter Tankini - $9.99 by Jantzen

Its freezy, snowy, rainy, chilly out there. That means a perfect time to buy swimwear for your little swimmer - at a deeply discounted rate that is.

Jantzen has all their swimwear on sale at $9,99 today at Zulily. Stock up for the next summer now.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Zulily: Catch of the Day

Zutano Clothing is the one of the featured retailer on Zulily today. Yummy prints, kid friendly styles and 100% cotton..need I say more? I'm having trouble deciding what I like most. Check out the Zutano sale on Zulily.

Pink & Purple Ruffle Socks Set - $6.99

We also loved kids accessories sale from Naartjie. Very good prices for cute socks sets and leggings. These are the workhorses in every girl's wardrobe so this seems like a good opportunity to stock up on them.