Friday, June 7, 2013

Store Alert: Indikidual!

BUSIG-Euro 34, Indikidual
Look what I stumbled upon today!
Here is a new kids clothing store - Indikidual!

Lost Marbles Tee - Euro 19, Indikidual
The clothes here are part European ( Hello grey! - maybe one day I will finally find out why kids clothing is primarily grey in Europe) and part contemporary ( those peeps of bright yellow, aqua and mint).

Gizmo, Mr Moo 2 - Euro 23, Indikidual  
The designs are funky and have a bias towards boys - for a change.

While you are there don't forget to check their tumblr page for some amazing photo-shoots.

A lot of their clothing is 100% organic cotton, which suggests good quality. I'm just happy to see one cool clothing store paying attention to boys.

Have you bought anything from Indikidual? How was your experience, let us know in comments.

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